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Object Name Recording, Audio
Date 1983
Scope & Content Interview by Bryan Troxel of grandfather Thomas David Buckley (b. 1924), son of James & Josephine Vance Buckley.

Digital copy available
00:02:49--"I liked flying airplanes the most, but that was a war-type thing."
00:06:08--early home life
00:06:15--father used the belt, mother guilt-tripped
00:06:55--chores (getting ice, taking ashes out, cut grass with hand mowers)
00:07:45--Great Depression
00:08:13--Childhood activities
00:10:18--School experiences (didn't play on teams because he had to work after school)
00:10:55--College experiences
00:12:10--Childhood experiences (started flying lessons at 16)
00:13:18--1929 Market Crash, Great Depression
00:14:14--World War 2
00:14:42--Atomic bomb on Japan-"Saved a lot of lives, although a lot of people may dispute that. But then we didn't start the war."
00:15:10--Marriage, children, grandchildren, other historic moments
00:16:35--"Now we're gonna have a woman go out on this next shuttle flight"
00:17:40--computers, modernity
00:18:24--War time experiences (enlisted to be a pilot)
00:19:30--met spouse on a blind date
00:19:50--courtship ("and I'm not gonna tell you about the other details, so there.")
00:23:00--church (went to a Christian Science Church for a while)
00:25:00--the modern day is better
00:26:15--"I think our judicial system leaves a lot to be desired because we're leaving criminals out on the street."
00:28:15--drugs ("we oughta put them away and throw the key away, and maybe even capital punishment if we have to"), drugs in high school ("the dumb kids did it")
00:30:00--things that are better about the present
00:30:40--"we don't have people so poor-well, we do-but a lot of them that's because they choose to be street people, but you can get help if you need it."
00:32:20--present day technology
00:33:58--present day government
00:36:04--retirement plans
Length of Interview 00:39:27
Object ID # 2013.25.141
Source Gift of S. Duane Kauffman
Collection Christopher Dock HS Oral History Tapes