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Object Name Recording, Audio
Date 1983
Scope & Content Interview by Brett Borghi of Annette Elizabeth Stinson Hall (b. 07/08/1913), daughter of William & Anna Knearny Stinson.

Digital copy available
Start time Subject
00:00:00 birthplace, parents (father's grandparents emigrated from Ireland), siblings
00:04:04 jobs (worked in jewelry during World War 2)
00:06:32 hobbies
00:07:08 leisure activities
00:09:36 chores
00:11:40 description of home
00:14:12 games (lay sheepy lay, red rover, kick the wicket)
00:17:00 school experiences (one school taught in German which caused animosity during World War 1)
00:19:44 changing Philadelphia demographics
00:22:22 school grading system,
00:24:34 sports
00:26:12 friends (took a sleigh ride when it snowed)
00:27:49 World War 2 (brother was a marine)
00:29:29 Lindbergh's flight (radio reports)
00:30:48 first radios ("crystal sets")
00:33:05 Hindenburg ("dirigible," Graf Zeppelin)
00:34:50 courtship ("by the way that was in the days of prohibition, and there were no alcoholic drinks of any kind. It's just too bad it couldn't stay that way")
00:36:20 Great Depression (didn't get married for five years because of it, no welfare)
00:37:52 marriage (married on the hottest day of the year, "Uncle Jimmy" thought she was actually being "given away" for good)
00:40:25 travel (lived in Indiana for a year)
00:41:47 driving age was 18, never learned to drive because a child jumped into the road while she was learning
00:42:53 church (always went to Sunday School)
00:45:17 grandmother helped out with the founding of the Salvation Army
00:48:10 past versus present (more family togetherness, discipline, saving money in the past)
00:51:55 thoughts on pollution
00:52:35 robberies ("used to be everyone could leave their doors unlocked, but not anymore", robbed 15 years prior to interview)
00:54:40 medical advancements
00:56:05 early refrigeration, stoves, lamps
00:58:26 transfer of information (radios, news)
00:59:39 early washing machines, pump water
Length of Interview 01:01:03
Object ID # 2013.25.430
Source Gift of S. Duane Kauffman
Collection Christopher Dock HS Oral History Tapes