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Object Name Papers, Personal
Manuscript Collection # Hist. Mss. 001
Title John E. Lapp Papers
Creator Lapp, John E., 1905-1988
Year Range from 1817
Year Range to 1988
Scope & Content Size: 42.5 linear shelf feet (61 boxes)

John Edwin Lapp (1905-1988) was raised in Lansdale, PA, the son of Isaiah L. and Kate Clemmer Lapp. A grocer by trade, he was ordained by lot in 1933 to minister at Plains Mennonite Church (Hatfield, PA) and in 1937 as a bishop for the middle district of Franconia Mennonite Conference. He was moderator of the conference 1953-1969, and served many years on committees both local and national. He was an advocate for peace and a friend and counselor to conscientious objectors, ministers and others. He wrote thoughtful and well-appreciated articles and sermons on themes of faith and church life. His activity extended to many branches of the Mennonite Church, but he was equally active and involved in the local Mennonite community.

Lapp's papers are a profound resource on Mennonite life. Containing thousands of letters, sermons, notes and correspondence of bishops and committees, they form a record of the community’s discernment as the world around and the church itself changed greatly through the mid-20th century. Also included are 19th century papers and photos from Lapp's family and that of his wife Edith Nyce Lapp (1906-1984).

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Object ID # 1982.1.1
Source Gift of John E. Lapp
People Alderfer, Edwin S., 1922-2004
Alderfer, Elizabeth "Betty" Delp, 1920-2011
Alderfer, Isaiah L., 1912-1998
Alderfer, Wellington K., 1918-2002
Allebach, David K., 1872-1951
Allebach, Leahanna C. Clemens, 1876-1954
Bauman, Harvey W., 1917-1992
Bean, Warren G., 1866-1949
Bechtel, Norman H., 1911-1986
Beidler, Stanley B., 1917-1990
Benner, Kenneth James, 1933-2009
Bergey, Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1966
Brenneman, Frederick S., 1903-1977
Brenneman, Millie E. Page, 1905-1995
Brunk, Truman H., 1931-2010
Clemens, Hanna C. Rittenhouse, 1880-1977
Clemens, Helen S. Gotwals, 1917-1981
Clemens, Jacob C., 1874-1965
Clemens, Jacob R., 1911-1987
Clemens, James R., 1913-2008
Clemens, Marcus A., 1916-2008
Clemens, Mildred W. Landes, 1916-2007
Clemens, Phyllis Gertrude Walker Leidy, 1917-2011
Clemmer, Abram L., 1894-1971
Clemmer, Frederica Jones, 1896-1987
Clemmer, John D., 1836-1917
Clemmer, Markley H., 1911-1984
Clemmer, Mary H. Krupp, 1840-1919
Clemmer, Miriam W. Kolb, 1910-2003
Cook, Thelma D. Godshall Felton, 1927-2008
Delp, Catherine P. Nice, 1898-1992
Derstein, Wallace G., 1939-2006
Derstine, David F., 1924-2006
Detweiler, Alfred A., 1897-1963
Detweiler, Alvin F., 1929-2005
Detweiler, Isaac F., 1918-1972
Detweiler, Mary Jane Rudy, 1926-2005
Detweiler, Richard C., 1924-1991
Detwiler, Mabel L. Horning, 1912-2008
Felton, Robert L., 1928-1955
Freed, John L., 1930-1999
Fretz, Clarence Y., 1911-1996
Fretz, Lela Irene Eshleman, 1912-2000
Gehman, John G., 1875-1969
Gehman, Nora L. Gross, 1894-1983
Glanzer, Paul Jacob, 1920-2010
Godshall, Curtis D., 1916-1990
Godshall, Herbert R., 1917-1995
Gottshall, Mary B. Nyce, 1845-1918
Godshall, Mildred H. Derstine, 1920-2009
Godshall, Paul D., 1939-2011
Graybill, Silas, 1903-1990
Gross, Titus L., 1902-1976
Hackman, Ada A. Clemens, 1908-2009
Hackman, Linford D., 1906-1983
Hackman, Walton N., 1937-1985
Hedrick, Ralph B., 1916-1981
Hendricks, David G., 1924-2009
Hertzler, Aldus K., 1922-2013
Hockman, Norman S., 1925-1984
Hoeflich, Charles H., 1914-2011
Hostetler, Beulah S. Stauffer, 1926-2005
Hostetler, John Andrew, 1918-2001
Hunsberger, Norman A., 1918-1965
Keeler, Martha N. Freed, 1915-2005
Keeler, Nathaniel W., 1916-1990
King, Aaron M., 1922-2011
King, Elizabeth "Betty" C. Detweiler, 1928-2010
Kolb, Arthur G., 1905-1971
Kolb, Bertha M. Reeser, 1903-1979
Kolb, Elmer G., 1905-2004
Kolb, Emily A. Moyer, 1906-1990
Kooker, Harold M., 1943-1973
Kratz, Mary Ellen Leatherman, 1899-1981
Kratz, Wayne N., 1913-2002
Kulp, Elias W., 1880-1977
Landis, Abram K., 1908-2005
Landis, Edgar M., 1915-2007
Landis, Elias N., 1897-1957
Landis, Elizabeth "Bessie" A. Derstine, 1908-1991
Lapp, Edith R. Nyce, 1906-1984
Lapp, George Jay, 1879-1951
Lapp, Isaiah L., 1867-1913
Lapp, John Edwin, 1905-1988
Leatherman, John D., 1911-1990
Leatherman, Roy H., 1898-1986
Longacre, Horace William, 1912-2009
Loux, Norman L., 1919-2010
Mack, Andrew M., 1892-1974
Mack, Muriel Etta Taylor, 1912-1997
Mack, Noah K., 1911-1974
Millen, Catherine M. Bishop, 1913-1976
Miller, George T., 1916-2000
Miller, Grace C. Kulp, 1919-2005
Mininger, Emma G. Good, 1919-2011
Mininger, Jonas L., 1919-2000
Mosemann, Ruth L. Histand, 1907-1994
Moyer, David Edwin, 1912-2000
Moyer, Deborah M. Harley, 1829-1909
Moyer, Elizabeth Detweiler, 1792-1838
Moyer, Jacob M., 1891-1967 (Souderton)
Moyer, Joseph, 1791-1862 (Lower Salford Twp)
Moyer, Mark Eldon, 1920-2013
Moyer, William D., 1819-1902 (Lower Salford Twp)
Musselman, Esther M. Clemmer, 1913-2002
Musselman, Russell B., 1912-1998
Nyce, Allen M., 1883-1953
Nyce, Cleon C., 1932-2003
Nyce, Elizabeth H. Moyer, 1856-1931
Nyce, Emma M. Ruth, 1886-1969
Nyce, Franklin "Frank" B., 1856-1944
Nyce, Isaac B., 1852-1932
Reese, Markley K., 1860-1932
Reese, Mary B. Conver, 1863-1921
Rhines, Edna B. Weber, 1908-1984
Rhines, Hartley Y., 1908-1993
Rittenhouse, Curtis, 1898-1970
Rittenhouse, Emma Jane Ruth, 1898-1999
Rittenhouse, Jacob Z., 1908-2002
Rosenberger, Raymond H., 1905-1983
Rosenberger, Sallie M. Landis, 1906-1992
Ruth, Emma L. Clemmer, 1895-1980
Ruth, Henry L., 1918-1993
Ruth, Marvin D., 1888-1967
Ruth, Sallie A. Alderfer, 1915-2005
Ruth, Stella Marie Groff, 1919-2004
Ruth, Winfield M., 1909-2003
Schantz, Irwin G., 1907-1985
Schantz, Susan A. Benner, 1910-1994
Schweiker, Richard S., 1926-2015
Seitz, Kenneth Leroy, 1916-2008
Sell, Blanche E., 1918-2001
Shenk, Doris A. Sell, 1921-2004
Shisler, Claude M., 1907-2000
Shisler, Naomi S. Derstine, 1916-2004
Souder, Elvin R., 1918-2012
Souder, John D., 1865-1942
Souder, Russell L., 1921-1979
Stauffer, John L., 1888-1959
Studer, Gerald C., 1927-2013
Studer, Marilyn M. Kreider, 1930-2003
Swartley, Henry M., 1926-1988
Swartz, Dorothy C. Plank, 1908-1987
Swartz, Jonas H., 1906-1980
Voth, Arthur A., 1920-2003
Wenger, John Christian, 1910-1995
Wenger, Ruth D. Detweiler, 1906-1992
Wenger, Warren Martin, 1921-2005
Yoder, Henry Paul, 1928-2010
Yoder, Mildred Louise Clemens, 1929-2007
Yoder, Paul D., 1931-2009
Yutzy, Norman E., 1930-2000
Collection John E. Lapp Papers